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This part of the web site houses a collection* of "nurse created cognitive artifacts."** Nurses call them "brains".

* This collection process is part of the research being conducted for the purpose of developing a nursing time management tool.

** This term was coined by Sharon McLane, MS, MBA, RN-BC, and PhD of the U. of TX at Houston in her 2009 PhD dissertation.


FilenameNursing Role/UnitFile Format

brain8.docmed-surgMS Word

H2T.dochead-to-toe assessmentMS Word

SBAR-RN2RN-5pts.xlsrehab SBARMS Excel

maternity-brain.jpgmaternityJPEG image

nurseBrain2.pdfmed-surgAdobe PDF (3 pages)

nurseBrain3.pdfmed-surgAdobe PDF (1 page, annotated)

nurseBrain5-PICU.pngPICUPNG image

nurseBrain.pdfmed-surgAdobe PDF (1 page)

nursebrain-s-o-n-2.xlsnursing assessmentMS Excel (3 pages)

nursebrain-s-o-n-1.xlspost-procedureMS Excel (1 pages)

CartellaClinica.jpgan Italian respiratory
care unit nurse brain
JPEG image


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