It is true that it's so difficult to overcome a television hit, and this case was no exception to the rule, rather just the opposite. It took five years for Lynda Carter to star in another series of her own. It was "Partners in Crime", a weak crime series which wasn't the perfect vehicle neither for Lynda nor for any other star.

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     The short-lived series only lasted 12 episodes and Lynda co-starred with her friend Loni Anderson. Lynda Carter played a rich professional photographer named Carole Stanwyck. Loni Anderson played the street-wise but equally glamorous Sydney Kovak,  an effervescent blonde who plays the bass in a jazz band.

     What do they have in common? Well, their ex-husband, Raymond Caulfield, a San Francisco private eye. Caulfield has been murdered and left them 50/50 shares of his Frisco detective agency and his mansion. Inexplicably the girls team up to play detective and their first case it's to try to find out who's the killer of their ex-hubby. This way they end-up as amateur partners of the detective agency.

      Oftenly they count with the help of Lieutenant Ed Vronsky (Leo Rossi) from the San Francisco Police Department. Walter Olkewicz plays Harmon Shain, the girls' assistant at the Agency and the mansion, and Eileen Heckart plays Jeanine, Caulfield's mother who also likes to play amateur detective.

Ad for one the "Celebrity" episode of "Partners In Crime".

Other Known Titles: "50/50" (According to UK title) / "Caulfields Witwen - Ein Duo mit Charme" ("Caulfield's Widows - A Duo With Charm") in German (Premiered on PRO7 in 1990). / "Dos Contra El Crimen" ("Two Against Crime") In Spanish.

Number of Episodes: 13 episodes (including the two-hour movie pilot).

Broadcast Network: NBC.
Supplier: Columbia Pictures Television.
Running Time: 60 minutes.

First Season Premiere: Saturday, September 22, 1984. The series started with the episode "Celebrity" which was supposed to be the second episode after the pilot which was aired fourth in order.

First Season Last Episode: Saturday, December 29, 1984.

Regular Time slot/s: Saturdays from 9:00 to 10:00 P.M. from September 

through November 1984. Saturdays from 10:00 to 11:00 P.M. from November through December 1984.

Ranking: Not ranked in the year’s top 20 series.
Awards: None.
"Partners In Crime"
LYNDA CARTER (Carole Stanwyck).
LONI ANDERSON (Sydney Kovak).
LEO ROSSI (Lieutenant Ed Vronsky).
"Partners In Crime""Partners In Crime""Partners In Crime""Partners In Crime"
Creators: Leonard B. Stern, James Stark.
Executive Producer: Bill Driskill.
Supervising Producer: Larry Brody.
Producer: Everett Chambers.

Theme Song: “Partners In Crime” by Ken Heller and Nathan Sassover.

Creative Consultant: Simon Muntner.
Music: Ken Heller.
Director of Photography: William Cronjager, A.S.C.
Art Director: Don DeFind.
Editor: Karina Friend.
First Assistant Directors: Steve Lofaro, Michael Dmytryk.
Second Assistant Director: Ian Bryce.
Unit Production Manager: Kenneth Swor.
Costumes Designed by: Robert Turturice.
Production Supervisor: Eve Light Monthaner.
Supervising Editor: Howard Brock.
Casting: Rachelle Farbermanon.
Set Decorator: Doug Van Koss.
Sound Mixer: Nelson Stoll.
Costumes Supervisor: Diana Reynolds.
Production Accountant: Sheldon Katz.
Gaffer: George M. Pantages.
Key Grip: Dennis Pop.
Camera Operator: Bill Mendenhall.
Property Master: Pat Pending.
Script Supervisors: Kisuna Jacobsen, Peggy Biocini.
Casting Associate: Patricia De Oliveira.
Location Managers: Gail Stempler, Barbara McQuaid.
Production Coordinator: Bernardette Caulfield.
Production Associates: Melissa Dietz, Cynthia Wood.
Transportation Coordinator: Stephen Collins.
Choreographer: Mari Windsor.
Live Music Consultant: Frank Tusa.
Production Secretary: Donna Sultan.
Assistant To The Production: Sandra Dreger, Miki Kersgard.
Production Assistant: Gayle Peabody.

Hair Stylist: Marietta Engelbrecht, Patrice Gover, Steven Paul.

Make-Up Artist: Karen Bradley, Chuck Crafts, Don LePage.
Consultant To Mrs. Carter: Sheela Tessler.
Post Production Supervisor: Haline Paul.
Post Production Sound: Scott Stambler.
Assistant Editors: Richard Whitfield, Micahel Tompane.
Re-recording Mixer: Phil Seretti.
Main Title Design: Phill Norman.
Locations Equipped by: Fun Trucks Inc.
Post Production Facility: Complete Post Inc.
Lenses & Panaflex Cameras by: Panavision (R).
Automobiles Furnished by: Ford Motors Co.
Executive In Charge of Production: Peter S. Palmer.
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Music 1984 © Intercept Music, Backfield Music Inc. / Carson Productions for Columbia Pictures Television.

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Carole Stanwyck (Lynda Carter) is a beautiful brunette who measures 38-25-37. She was a debutante and a teabag heiress from New York who lost her money through bad investments. She now works as a freelance photographer. Carole wears a size medium dress, and her license plate reads IFL 896. She lives at 654 Veronna Drive.

Sydney Kovak (Loni Anderson) is a stunning blonde ("not my natural color") who measures 36-24-36. She grew up in the Mission District of San Francisco where she learned all the tricks of the trade-from lock picking to picking pockets. She is now an aspiring but struggling musician (bass fiddle) who lives at 921 Hayworth Street (Apartment 3C). Sydney wears a size small dress, and her car license plate reads IPCE 467. She has a fake plaque that says SYDNEY KOVAK OF THE SAN FRANCISCO SYMPHONY ORCHESTRA (her dream is to play with the renowned orchestra). Sydney has been studying the bass for 20 years and has played professionally for 15.

     Although strangers, Carole and Sydney have one thing in common: they were both married to Raymond Dashell Caulfield, a private detective who operates the Caulfield Detective Agency in San Francisco (also called the Raymond Dashell Caulfield Detective Agency). Carole was married to Raymond for three years, 1972-75, and was owed $62,000 in back alimony. Sydney was Raymond's second wife, 1976-78, and was owed $56,000 in back alimony. Ray proposed to both at the Top of the Mark Restaurant.

     When Ray is killed during a case, Carole and Sydney inherit both his mansion and the detective agency. They solve Ray's murder and become "Partners in Crime" when they decide to remain a team and work as detectives.

     Jeanine Caulfield (Eileen Heckart) is Ray's mother and Carole and Sydney's mutual mother-in-law. She is the unpublished author of 57 books and the owner of the Partners in Crime Book Store (later called Jeanine's Book Store). She lives in the mansion with Carole and Sydney. Harvey Shain (Walter Olkewicz) is their housekeeper (his claim to fame is that he met Rock Hudson on Fisherman's Wharf).

     Cameron Mitchell appeared as Sydney's father, Duke Kovak. Nathan Sassover and Ken Heller composed the "Partners in Crime" theme.

Lynda Carter and Loni Anderson are guilty as charged in "Partners In Crime" - no matter the charge.

     In reality, though, they're probably innocent victims of the creators and writers of the preem of what promises to be a very short series see credits for the master culprits.

     In the drama, the pair are partners in a detective agency inherited from a former husband - he had been married to both at different times. In their first case they were hired to protect a rock singer from a fan who had been following the star from city to city, always wearing a white suit and carrying a kind of menace at all times.

     The rock star was played by Vanessa Williams - more famous as a Miss America who was dethroned and is now seeking a career in acting. She managed to read her lines, which were kept to an uncomplicated few, and sang one song to a steady rock beat. No great talent was uncovered - here - but she could improve with more work and confidence.

     She was only a little less smooth than Carter, the embodiment of "Wonder Woman" in a previous TV life and who plays a school marmish foil to the dizzy blond persona of partner Loni Anderson. The latter is the only one in the proceedings who brought any life or sense of fun to the entire hour.

     Leo Rossi, as a real policeman, has apparently been penciled in as aid and comfort to the women and to provide some sexual tension as he pants for dates with Anderson. But in the first episode he failed to strike any sparks as a character or suitor. Another potential regular was Walter Olkewicz as Shain, a weak mind in a strong body type who might be useful to protect his women in later episodes, although he did little more than answer the doorbell in the first go-round.

     The plot of the opener was improbable - not that such is always a handicap in this kind of cartoon situation. The real problem is that Carter and Anderson fail to work off each other as was probably planned. The main failure was that Carter was not given enough character to bounce off the street-wise Anderson character.

    Production was stet fast for this type of show, but credit must be given for the avoidance of car chases in the first one. One suspects that now that America has seen Williams on TV, there will be little viewer interest in future episodes of "P In C." - Fob.

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