Daniel S. Keller
2248 International Bl.
Oakland, CA 94606
tel: 415/861-4500
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Early Experience
  • 1985-1986: Keller Stokes and Associates (KSA), Berkeley, California
    Following the retirement of Bernie Silverman and the addition of Ed Stokes, KSA continued the work of SKA (see below).
  • 1979-1984: Extended Programs in Medical Education, University of California, San Francisco (Gail Katagiri, Bob Maggio, and Sara Burke, Department Managers)
    I was the project leader for the specification, design, documentation, coding (in C on a variety of DEC machines running BSD Unix and Ingres), testing, deployment and support of a suite of programs to run the entire activity of this multi-million dollar business. This included registration of attendees, transaction processing and bookkeeping, revenue reporting, generation of rosters, mailing labels, attendance certificates, etc. We implemented general-purpose, reusable software modules for data entry screen management, user interface menus, and database middleware. The system remained in continuous production use for twenty years. It was finally replaced in 2000.
  • 1983: Toronto Western Hospital, Toronto, Ontario (Allan Katz, MD, Chief Pathologist)
    This was a one-month project in which I analyzed the data processing requirements of the hospital's Department of Pathology and proposed various solutions to bottlenecks identified there.
  • 1983-1984: Silverman Keller Associates (SKA), Berkeley, California (partnership)
    SKA continued the activities of Silverman Associates. In addition, I developed technical training as a new line of business with a substantially expanded customer base.
  • 1982: Silverman Associates, Berkeley, California (Bernie Silverman, sole proprietor -- our phone number was 415/841-UNIX)
    Nationally and in Europe we marketed products developed by independent Silicon Valley software houses. Our primary market was Motorola 68000-based Unix vendors. My activities included establishing and servicing client accounts, making presentations to OEMs and distributors, conducting advertising campaigns, and technical sales. I was also system administrator for our Dual 83/40 running Unix System V. We were among the first UUCP and USENET nodes.
  • 1980-1981: Information Equities, San Rafael, California (Dan Haagens, sole proprietor)
    I wrote Cobol under TSO (punched cards) and SuperWylbur (on-line) for Fireman's Fund and others in the insurance industry.
  • 1979-1980: Patterson Dental, San Francisco, California (Ron Henley and others)
    I wrote Pascal on the Alpha Micro for dental billing systems.
  • 1977-1978: Comptek Research (military contractor, Mare Island Navy Base, Vallejo, California)
    As a student intern, I wrote Fortran and CMS-2 for the AN-UYK-7 and AN-UYK-20 shipboard computers for 3-D radar signal processing. This required a security clearance.
  • 1976: Gentle Electric (GE), Santa Cruz, California (Carl Fravel, sole proprietor)
    For my college summer job at GE, I documented, tested, packaged, and created marketing materials for Carl's invention, an electronic music pitch-to-voltage converter.