Cara and Dan at JazzCampWest,
June, 1999. Photo: Robin Gilbert.

L to R: Arky, Dan, Cara (1992)

An early self-portrait by Cara.
(At age seven, she built her home page.)

Arky's traffic scene.
See the traffic light?
He, too, has a home page.

Arky on his fifth birthday
(2/13/97) depicted by Grampa Kibby.
Five-year-old Cara is teaching herself to write.
This appeared on her door one day. Translation:
"Read this note: Nobody may come in except if they say please."
November, 2001: Aunt Lucy reading to Cara and Arky.
(More family photos here.)
April, 2001: Cara, age 9, in Mona Lisa pose.
At age 10, they're interested in new things...
Arky snowboarding self-portrait Cara self-portrait
Walter Workers
Cara at 14 Cara at 14