The Obligatory Web Page Cat Pictures...

Nameers the cat reclines gracefully on his master's computer monitor. No home page should be without a cat, after all. Actually, it's Sally's cat. She insists on calling him Skippy. Skippy! Oh, the indignity.

His real name is Narby. Here's a funny story: I received an e-mail from some total strangers who'd been searching the web and wondered about his name. Their name? Mr. and Mrs. Narby, of course.

Actually, his name is Nameers. Well, no, it's really Bongy Boy.

By the way, the monitor upon which he so gracefully reclines no longer exists. It got full of cat hair and blew up.

  Schnozzes in action.
Another cat picture, taken by our beloved Roman friend Leo when he visited us in San Francisco in 1998.

I tre mici di Leo e Marilena. Nameurs drawn by Cara for Leo
Tiro, Pita, and Cucci live in Rome with Leo and Marilena.
Ancora mici!
Sally, Cara, and Dan Oh yes, there are people in Dan's life, too...