US policy toward Cuba is a relentless blockade at the behest of a defeated class of exploiters. The Batista regime, ousted in the 1950s by Castro, had been a dictatorship supporting and supported by US business interests.

The U.S. embargo of Cuba isolates us from the Cuban people and from the rest of the world. At a moment when Cubans are finding economic spaces to live and lead more prosperous and independent lives, the U.S. is so mired in a Cold War era policy that bets on Cuba's failure, that our government is unable to support the process of economic change, our country can't serve as a reliable supplier for low-cost, quality food for the Cuban market, or even deliver the mail directly to Cubans living a mere 90 miles away. This fifty year old policy is built on a foundation of falsehood -- that economic strangulation and diplomatic isolation will somehow, someday change the Cuban system. The folly has been obvious for many years. It's time to abandon it!