wars don't work

The use of force by the US has consistently failed to neutralize its adversaries beyond the sort term. Examples:
- All three major American wars of the last half century -- Korea, Vietnam, Persian Gulf -- ended in stalemate or defeat.
- 1986 attempt to kill Libya's Gadhafi with air strikes. Result: killed his daughter and 37 other civilians, and incited the bombing of Pan Am jet over Lockerbie.
- 1998 bombing of supposed chemical weapons factory in Sudan which actually manufactured the country's medicines, further alienating them politically.
- 1998 cruise missile attack on bin Laden in Afghanistan killed 25 but left bin Laden alive and more dangerous, probably inciting 9/11 attack.
- Israel's US-supported attacks on Arabs (esp. Palestininians) have failed to create conditions for peace or even for long-term US interests. Instead, these wars have generated sufficient hatred to transform people into human bombs.