SFPD Ten Codes
10-1 Receiving poorly
10-2 Receiving well
10-4 OK/message received
10-7A Out of Service (administrative)
10-7B Out of Service (beginning of watch)
10-7C Out of Service (court)
10-7E Out of Service (end of watch)
10-7F Out of Service (follow-up)
10-7G Out of Service (gas/garage)
10-7I Out of Service (investigation)
10-7M Out of Service (meal)
10-7R Out of Service (radio shop/range)
10-7S Out of Service (station)
10-7T Out of Service (traffic control/training)
10-8 In Service
10-8F In service, on foot
10-9 Repeat last message
10-13 Advise conditions at scene
10-20 Report your location
10-22 Cancel last assignment
10-23 Standby for a few moments
10-25 Respond & act as backup
10-28 Registration information
10-29 Warrant and record check
10-30 Person/vehicle wanted/stolen
10-31 Person has arrest record
10-32 Person/vehicle clear
10-34 Confidential info follows
10-35 Consent to search
10-36 Emergency notification
10-38 Probation
10-43 Intelligence Div. interested
10-96 Undercover surveillance, marked units keep out
10-97 Arrived at scene
10-98 Continuing to another location
10-28 Vehicle registration