Views of Dan Keller's house showing proposed placements of photovoltaic electricity generation components.

The south side of the building. The solar array will be situated on the midpoint of the north side of the building hence it will not be visible from the street.

The east side of the building. The lower door leads to the basement where the electrical panels are located. The wire bringing power from the PV array to the electrical panels will follow the same route as other wiring visible here. It will travel down the northeast corner of the building, adjacent to the blue neighboring building.

The north side of the building, viewed from the roof of the blue neighboring building. The solar array will sit atop a steel pipe that will extend nine feet above the parapet. The pipe will be fastened into the left inner corner of the lightwell. The vent pipe now occupying this corner will be relocated.

The southeast corner of the building.

The electrical panels in the basement, one for each of the four units in the building. The larger panel on the right (which supplies the sole commercial unit) is the one that will have the grid intertie. The wall on the left would be a suitable location for the inverter.

The roof, viewed facing east.

The roof, viewed facing north.

The roof, viewed facing northeast.

Detail of the corner of the lightwell in which the PV array's support pipe will be attached. The electrical box containing the power supply for the tracker motor will be attached to the parapet shown here.

The roof, viewed facing northwest.