SENSITIVE "Portraying both the patient's and the institution's points of view, this sensitive dramatization provocatively illustrates...difficulties of [long-term care]" -- BOOKLIST

PERFECT FOR TRAINING "Perfect for training aides, volunteers, ombudsmen, surveyors, also residents and their families." -- BARBARA FRANK, Associate Director, NATIONAL CITIZENS COALITION FOR NURSING HOME REFORM

POIGNANT "...Poignant and illuminating...It is remarkable and even astonishing that the video manages to touch so many sensitive bases....It will be passionately discussed..." -- THE GERONTOLOGIST

HELPFUL "...Helpful to all professionals, their assistants, long-term facility residents themselves, and gerontological faculty and students." -- GERIATRIC NURSING

SUCCESSFUL "Extremely successful in sensitizing the viewer to the patient's perception of this reality. An effective tool for initiating discussion into the complex interpersonal relations between nursing home staff and residents." -- LIBRARY JOURNAL

HIGHLY RECOMMEND "...Lots of subtle messages...highly recommed this video." -- DR. BETTY WALSTON, Education and Training, ILLINOIS DEPARTMENT OF HEALTH

EXCELLENT "The unbiased vision it creates makes this an excellent training video." -- JOAN MARKS, Director, SARAH LAWRENCE COLLEGE HEALTH ADVOCACY PROGRAM

RIGHT ON THE MARK "'Right on the mark'...realistic interactions both between staff and residents and residents to residents...for general orientation as well as training new employees in sensitivity, quality of life issues, determining right and wrong ways of handling situations. Very real and comprehensive." -- HERBERT SHORE, EdD, Executive Vice President, DALLAS HOME FOR JEWISH AGED, DALLAS, TEXAS

SPLENDID JOB "...Splendid job of capturing issues in daily nursing home life." -- ROSALIE KANE, DSW, Professor, Health Services and Policy, UNIVERSITY OF MINNESOTA

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