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NurseMind icon This is my life's best work. It combines technology and healthcare.

As a nurse and a programmer, I have founded Nurse Tech, Inc., to develop, sell and support NurseMind, a nursing checklist/time management app.

There is a compelling business plan, a stellar Board of Directors, some investors, several programmers, a lawyer, computer graphics artists, patent 9164656 for our Graphical Display for Scheduling and Monitoring Tasks, several completed hospital beta tests, and a released product with ten thousand users and growing.

This product changes the way nurses do their jobs. In health care, checklists improve outcomes as they did in aviation a generation earlier. Today, no pilot would fly without them. The same is starting to be true for surgeons -- read Dr. Atul Gawande's The Checklist Manifesto. At Nurse Tech we are creating similar solutions (on mobile platforms) for nurses.

NurseAssess icon In 2020 after three years of development we released our second app, NurseAssess. It is an EHR-connected smart note-taker for the hundreds of patient assessments nurses do on every shift. It continues our strategy of building mobile tools to enhance the productivity, accuracy, and safe practice of nurses everywhere.

Interested? Here is some introductory reading: What's Hard about Nursing and Nursing Time Management.

Here is my vision statement.

To see the business plan, please write to me and I'll send you the link: dan@nursetech.com.


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